Some people who want to put their property on the market are interested in selling real estates without the assistance of an agent or broker. A proactive approach is the best way to get a property sold. There are many necessary tasks to complete, and points to consider, when selling real estates on your own.

The Financial Aspect of Selling Real Estates
Above all else, property owners need to make sure they can afford the expenses involved with a self-sale. The expenses must then be weighed against the potential money that can be saved. Statistically, a person must give $6,000-$7,500 in realtor commissions for a $200,000 property. By selling real estates without an agent, the property owner can save $3,000 or more in fees. Of course, the owner must be prepared for expenses such as newspaper listings, fliers and open houses.

The Time Aspect of Selling Real Estates
Those who choose to go solo when selling their property must also be prepared to spend a significant amount of time prepping and showing the property. The owner must be readily available to give a tour of the property to, and take telephone calls from, potential buyers. Anyone whose time is limited should consider hiring an expert on real estates like

Pricing for Selling Real Estates
It is imperative to research the sale price of comparable properties in the area; this information can be found at the county’s tax assessor’s office. Comps from the previous 4-5 month will give property owners a good guideline for pricing their real estates. The cash amount and closing fees should also be taken into account when figuring the sale price of a property.

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